Gorgeous Sphynx Kittens is a Sphynx Breeder in Staten Island, NY

Welcome to Gorgeous Sphynx Kittens, your top destination for Canadian Sphynx kittens and cats in Staten Island, NY and the surrounding area. I bring these unique and lovable hypo-allergenic cats to clients looking for the perfect pet, with an incredible selection and support services so that you and your new Canadian Sphynx can start enjoying your new life together.

I proudly provide Sphynx breeding services to the local area, with Sphynx kitten sales so that you can find the right cat to keep you company. These rare and elegant hairless cats are typically quite affectionate and make fantastic companions, as well as being especially sought after as hypo-allergenic cats for cat lovers with allergies. I also offer Sphynx care consultation services, ensuring that you have the most accurate and all-encompassing information you need to keep you and your Canadian Sphynx healthy and happy together.

Gorgeous Sphynx Kittens provides a professional Sphynx breeder with all the tools, resources, and expertise to handle all of your needs for a distinctive and loving companion in one convenient place for one affordable price. I pride myself on delivering the finest hairless cats the industry can offer, with a fantastic selection and loving support for kitten and owner so that you can count on a full and rewarding life together. If you have health issues, the final decision for purchasing the cat is between you and your doctor. Contact me at Gorgeous Sphynx Kittens today and I will give you a comprehensive description of all the services and resources I provide for starting your life with a beautiful and affectionate Canadian Sphynx. If you have any questions, you can text or call (917) 690-4564!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Affordable
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Over 5 Years of Experience
  • Professional
Locations Served
  • Boroughs of New York
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
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  • Pennsylvania